Embedded Software Design Services

Embedded Software Design and Embedded System Design

MDG Offers Embedded Software Design Services Services and Embedded System Design Services which span a wide range of micro-controllers and single board computers.  

embedded software design embedded system design

MDG Technologies provided embedded software development.

Understanding embedded design in the consistently changing technology space can be extremely challenging to say the least.  In reality, specifying a solution to any given problem requires an understanding of many variables, including market type and size.   

Experience in many software languages, including Python, C, Java, and more.  Experience in both Static and Realtime Operating System environments with a focus on Industrial, Commercial and Laboratory Test solutions.  

Just a few of our projects and experience include:

  • Embedded Software Development
  • Embedded Linux Development
  • Renasas, Microchip, Atmel, TI-Arm & DSP Cores
  • MicroC, C, C++, Assembly, Etc.
Embedded Systems Literature
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